Employers Can Now Help With A Downpayment For A Home.

MacNificent Properties LLC
MacNificent Properties LLC
Published on January 12, 2018

Yep, you heard it here! Employers can now help with a downpayment for a home. A new program will allow employers to help their employees with a downpayment to purchase a home!

A new crowdfunding platform www.homefundme.com (Sort of a “Gofundme” for homebuyers) is the only approved platform that lets you “crowdfund” a downpayment for a home.

This is a major breakthrough as most homebuyers struggle with coming up with a downpayment for a home.  This program allows you to share your Homefundme campaign on social media and other sources to raise enough money for a downpayment from family, friends or employers. Many are evening using this as a part of their wedding registry.

It’s an idea whose time has come.  What a great program for first-time homebuyers or anyone looking to purchase a home for that matter.  Here’s how it works!

Real success stories.

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